Our Program


We use the highly endorsed Teen Challenge curriculum P.S.N.C.s (Personal Studies for New Christians) As the young ladies progress through these 12 Life Transformation levels they are confronted with 50 Character qualities that they need for a successful life 

High School Education

We provide a structured lifestyle with training in social and interpersonal skills. We teach respect for themselves and others. We facilitate their educational needs through Smokey Hills Educational Services,  a online state accredited high school program. The Girls are enrolled at Brewster High School 

Cadets- The Journey Begins

In the first 3 months of life here the students will complete orientation and begin life on the point card.  Students will earn points and trust based on behaviors and following the center rules. Students are critiqued on 4 levels-Academically, Socially, Personal Responsibility and Spiritually . When a student has successfully reached 1500 points she may move to the Bronze Level.

Bronze the Change Has begun

In the 3rd-6th month of the program, students will continue to earn trust and points based on behaviors and following the center rules. This is a time of experiencing the sense of well being that come from making good choices.  When a student has successfully reached 3000 points she may move to the Silver Level

Silver- New Habits Are Formed

At about the 6th - 9th month  The young lady has learned the value of good choices and is now developing a new sense of  self esteem that comes from her new life patterns. She receives more honors and more responsibility. This is an exciting time to watch the girl grow. 

Gold- Leadership Is Established

In about the 9th - 12th  month the girl may achieve gold status. This is a time  transitioning back to the home environment. Leadership is focused upon at this level and the young lady is prepared to go back to her world  as a leader  and a good role model