About Us


Financially Affordable

Often parents seek help to rescue their daughters through residential treatment centers only to find that the tuition costs are too high for the family to afford. At Victory House we believe that getting young ladies the help they need is too priceless a ministry to place out of financial reach of struggling families. At Victory House Teen Challenge , we are willing to prorate our already low tuition fees so that every family, regardless of financial status can afford to place their daughter with us. Our full tuition rate is less then $43.00 a day. We prorate our costs below the poverty level


Safe Structured Enviornment

Victory House Teen Challenge is a Christian residential girls home. We accept girls ages 16-18. we are a 10 bed facility that offers a  loving, structured family environment. We are 10 miles from the nearest town. We do accept girls against their will. We have been in operation for 8 years. We are not a lock down facility, however we do alarm our building


Biblical Pastoral Counseling

Rev. Vicky Taff is the Center Director and  the Lead Counselor She coordinates the girls spiritual journey She has 30 years of pastoral counseling experience and youth ministry. 

We believe in giving the young ladies direction from the bible. Our core counseling program is called P.S.N.C.s (Personal Studies for New Christians)  The students are guided through 12 Life Transformation  levels where they learn what the bible says about their situations and how to apply those principles to their lives.